Padma-ji's 成長記録。

 Our dear Padma growing strong everyday! Being a parent is truly amazing to see how we as human's develop and how the way we live is a model for behaviour. No time to mess around and waste the precious life, learn self sacrifice through parenthood and learn that love is in giving.





Padma 3years old. 自己練始める。

We don't tell her to do anything but she watches us everyday, so she knows how to practice already

Padma 3years old. パドマの自己主張。 

Surprised to catch this interesting conversation with Grandma. Padma is really speaking with compassion from her heart!

Padma 2years old. ヨガのポーズの練習始める。 

Padma 1year old. 練習の始まり。 

Before Padma was born. パドマがお腹にいた時。