Some gracious words from our students:

 Waylon Belding could possibly be the most unique and inspiring person you have ever met. His 200hr TTC is life changing. Not only is your physical technique honed faster than you'd imagine, your basic life values are redefined and reiterated. You become part of a family, and international community, a privilege far more valuable than certificate. A program ideal for those who like to swim up creek.


  • My month of August 2015 training with Waylon Belding, Shihoko Otsubo and Padma, was a transcendental one. A giant but gentle leap into a metamorphosis of practise, discipline, character, vigilance and spiritual dexterity that I did not expect....nor fathom. I was broken into liberation and it felt amazing every single day. I watched my ego become smaller as I sang out of tune proudly, pushed my ability to the limits and just simply let go of attachment to becoming and realising that true beauty is in the moment of doing.

Waylon's unmitigated commitment to the yogic path captures you, holds you tight and delivers information directly to your mind, body and soul as he presents this plethora of knowledge that he not only knows by heart, but can break down into the finest and most detailed explanations for absolutely anyone to understand and relate to.

Shihoko and Waylons flawless presentations, explanations and interpretations of yogic philosophy, history and asana methodology left me thinking differently almost immediately as we began the first days of the course. I noticed changes in my thought patterns as if I was being passively rewired and improved. My diligence in practise improved, my will to surpass difficult asana improved, my discipline for diet and respect for my body improved, my teaching methods improved and my subtle ego fluctuations began to disappear as I began, for the first time in all of my years of practise and teaching yoga.....the REAL meaning of what it is to pursue the yogic path.

As I write this, I revisit the gratitude I felt at the conclusion of the course for having such transparent, committed and selfless teachers guide me from my comfort zone deep within myself to a better more focussed way of living. I address everything I do now more mindfully and I feel more connected with life. Past traumas surfaced through thorough meditation and I was able to finally let go of my past pains and gaze deeply toward my future without distraction. Every day was therapy. I cried. I strengthened and I found my grounding. What a priceless journey

I made great friends on the course, who also unknowingly played a part in everyone's individual transformations. Every day was magical hard work and I would recommend it to anyone wanting not only to improve their yoga practice, but also their way toward a more peaceful, selfless and noble lifestyle.

This was the best choice I have made in a long time.

I look forward to training more with Waylon and Shihoko and diligently pursuing my yogic path in the correct way.


Justis Lorenzo


The month of TTC with Waylon, Shihoko, and Padma was absolutely one of the happiest time of my life. It was the best decision I've made in my life to join this TTC.

Even thought I was already practicing yoga strongly in daily routine , I could still see phenomenal change in me physically and mentally as soon as I started this course. 

This month experience has set my life discipline and new routine, also made me sure about the path I believe in.

His sadahna teaching (asanas, meditation, Kriya etc.) can lead your body unbelievably open and strong, and last but not the least, you become absolutely fearless. you lose any doubt about yourself and just makes you determine to DO what you do. His energy inspires you, it urges you to challenge own limitation.

Waylon’s passion, love, discipline and devotion for yoga makes his philosophy class one and the only. He is true living dictionary! His philosophy teaching with his own word along with his experiences- that comes from his hard study and experience as a yogi for over decade, makes it really exciting and easy to understand. It was easy to connect to our own daily life in his teaching so we could directly reflect it to our everyday life.  Shihoko's assistance meant us a lot.  She is a partner of Waylon, mother of Padma, and a great Yogini. by seeing her way of living and her devotion for yoga also inspired us a lot. As Japanese, sometimes it's not easy to get out of our "Japanese" thinking habit, but Shihoko's "being" was already enough to crush it into pieces. Her killer Yin Yoga classes were taking us to the deepest part of own self, it was true purification.

One more important thing, that I found true "sangha" in this course. everybody who took course was so inspiring and special, we all inspired each other a lot and supported each other entirely. We laugh and cried together. I am truly happy to have met all of people there and I am sure that our crossing path continues further.

I recommend this course for the people not only who wants to become teacher/ yogi (ni), but also for the people who wants to purify body and mind, to understand about life deeper and explore about yourself more.

"The journey" I've had in this month has become truly treasure of my life.



Waylon is incredibly knowledgeable on yoga!

He is able to recite all the yoga history, philosophy, asanas, mantras, kriyas all from memory.

You can tell he lives and breathes yoga. He will get you to understand what it means to be a yogi and how to find your own yogic path.

I had a lot of fun practising and learning yoga from him. It was a very transformational month for. Not only did he deepen my practice but he opened my eyes to what is possible.

Truong Bui

"It is from a great well of gratitude that I draw the inspiration to write and to be fortunate enough to have three beautiful, unique teachers and friends such as Shihoko, Waylon and Padma. Waylon, as a teacher, was revealed to me at a point in my life where I had grown increasingly isolated and disheartened by the sedentary, sterile approach encouraged all to often in the west. His teachings, and inspiring community he has co-created, began for me as drops of water on a dry, desert, landscape. Every gift of his teachings willfully received, expanded unto a flash flood of encouragement and inspiration. Of equal dynamism in teaching, are Shihoko and Padma. One should not take lightly a Yin class with this powerful woman. She too will push you beyond the realm of that which you thought was possible, the strength and surgical precision of her adjustments are like none other. For me Waylon, reminds and encourages to build fire, practice intently, and to cast aside the mat and live the path of yoga. Shihoko, like a willow, reminds to bend, yield and surrender to the path. Padma; a reminder of play, joy in the simple things and to have fun in your practice, to laugh and sometimes to cry, to live what you feel but never attach to it for too long. With their transient lifestyle, it too reminds, that regardless of how amazing the teacher, the path is our own to walk and to radically accept the changes of the seasons and the impermanence of all things."

Waylon’s Yoga Teacher Training Course has not only changed my life, but it has totally changed my structure of my business. Prior to taking Waylon's course I had never done yoga consistently before, so I didn’t realize the true benefits of adding yoga into my daily routine. The decision that I had made to challenge myself Waylon's course has been the most positive decsion that I have ever made and the best investment so far in my life. I can honestly say that I have never felt so amazing emotionally, physically and spiritually. Waylon’s passion for yoga and his love for his family has been such an amazing experience. Even if your not planning on teaching yoga, I still highly reconmened this course because it will increase your quality of life forever. 

— Kimberly Dohaniuk

Julia Pelin Como

Julia Pelin Como

Donovan Farquharson

Donovan Farquharson

Mayu Nishibe

Mayu Nishibe

Truong Bui

Truong Bui

Kimberly Dohaniuk

Kimberly Dohaniuk