About Zuddha Yoga 200h TTC.... ズッダヨガ200時間を受けて

We have received a beautiful word from one of our student. So we would like to share it with everybody !


The month of TTC with Waylon, Shihoko, and Padma was absolutely one of the happiest time of my life. It was the best decision I've made in my life to join this TTC.

Even thought I was already practicing yoga strongly in daily routine , I could still see phenomenal change in me physically and mentally as soon as I started this course. 

This month experience has set my life discipline and new routine, also made me sure about the path I believe in.

His sadahna teaching (asanas, meditation, Kriya etc.) can lead your body unbelievably open and strong, and last but not the least, you become absolutely fearless. you lose any doubt about yourself and just makes you determine to DO what you do. His energy inspires you, it urges you to challenge own limitation.

Waylon’s passion, love, discipline and devotion for yoga makes his philosophy class one and the only. He is true living dictionary! His philosophy teaching with his own word along with his experiences- that comes from his hard study and experience as a yogi for over decade, makes it really exciting and easy to understand. It was easy to connect to our own daily life in his teaching so we could directly reflect it to our everyday life.  Shihoko's assistance meant us a lot.  She is a partner of Waylon, mother of Padma, and a great Yogini. by seeing her way of living and her devotion for yoga also inspired us a lot. As Japanese, sometimes it's not easy to get out of our "Japanese" thinking habit, but Shihoko's "being" was already enough to crush it into pieces. Her killer Yin Yoga classes were taking us to the deepest part of own self, it was true purification.

One more important thing, that I found true "sangha" in this course. everybody who took course was so inspiring and special, we all inspired each other a lot and supported each other entirely. We laugh and cried together. I am truly happy to have met all of people there and I am sure that our crossing path continues further.

I recommend this course for the people not only who wants to become teacher/ yogi (ni), but also for the people who wants to purify body and mind, to understand about life deeper and explore about yourself more.

"The journey" I've had in this month has become truly treasure of my life.





ウェイロンのサダナ(アサナ、瞑想、クリヤ )は驚くほど身体を開き、強くしてくれます。そして何よりも、恐怖や不安を取り除き、自分自身への疑いを一掃してくれます。どんなアサナにも挑戦したくなる、そんなインスピレーションを彼は与えてくれ、自分が限界だと思っているラインを軽々と越えさせてくれるのです。







   MOCHE | It is about All the love I feel everyday everywhere. Finding real myselfs    https://mcocoon.wordpress.com/

  MOCHE | It is about All the love I feel everyday everywhere. Finding real myselfs