About Zuddha Yoga 200h TTC....Vol.3 ズッダヨガ200時間を受けて

 My month of August 2015 training with Waylon Belding, Shihoko Otsubo and Padma, was a transcendental one. A giant but gentle leap into a metamorphosis of practise, discipline, character, vigilance and spiritual dexterity that I did not expect....nor fathom. I was broken into liberation and it felt amazing every single day. I watched my ego become smaller as I sang out of tune proudly, pushed my ability to the limits and just simply let go of attachment to becoming and realising that true beauty is in the moment of doing.

Waylon's unmitigated commitment to the yogic path captures you, holds you tight and delivers information directly to your mind, body and soul as he presents this plethora of knowledge that he not only knows by heart, but can break down into the finest and most detailed explanations for absolutely anyone to understand and relate to.

Shihoko and Waylons flawless presentations, explanations and interpretations of yogic philosophy, history and asana methodology left me thinking differently almost immediately as we began the first days of the course. I noticed changes in my thought patterns as if I was being passively rewired and improved. My diligence in practise improved, my will to surpass difficult asana improved, my discipline for diet and respect for my body improved, my teaching methods improved and my subtle ego fluctuations began to disappear as I began, for the first time in all of my years of practise and teaching yoga.....the REAL meaning of what it is to pursue the yogic path.

As I write this, I revisit the gratitude I felt at the conclusion of the course for having such transparent, committed and selfless teachers guide me from my comfort zone deep within myself to a better more focussed way of living. I address everything I do now more mindfully and I feel more connected with life. Past traumas surfaced through thorough meditation and I was able to finally let go of my past pains and gaze deeply toward my future without distraction. Every day was therapy. I cried. I strengthened and I found my grounding. What a priceless journey

I made great friends on the course, who also unknowingly played a part in everyone's individual transformations. Every day was magical hard work and I would recommend it to anyone wanting not only to improve their yoga practice, but also their way toward a more peaceful, selfless and noble lifestyle.

This was the best choice I have made in a long time.

I look forward to training more with Waylon and Shihoko and diligently pursuing my yogic path in the correct way.


Justis Lorenzo


2015年8月、ウェイロン、志保子、パドマと共にしたこのトレーニングは本当に"超越した" という言葉そのものでした。 私の練習、規律、人格、そしてスピリチュアリズムに、穏やかで、優しいながらも想像を遥かに超える強い覚醒を与え、大きな飛躍ができました。


”こうなるべき、こうでなくてはいけない(Becoming)” というものへの執着を手放し、挑戦であろうがそれを”しているその瞬間 (Moment of doing) ”の本当の美しさに気づくことができたのです。

ウェイロンとシホコの非の打ち所のないヨガ哲学の説明、解釈、歴史やアサナの分析のプレゼンテーションはコースが始まった途端に、私に大きな変化をもたらしました。 ヨガの練習、教えの道に立ってから数年経った今ですが、ヨガの道に立ち追求していくということの本当の意味を初めて理解しだしたからです。 思考回路の配線が変わり、思考パターンの癖が改善され、練習に対する姿勢、厳しいアサナに打ち勝つ意思、食生活をコントロールし自分の肉体に敬意を払うこと、そしてヨガのティーチングの方法が改善されました。私のエゴの波動が消えていったのです。