Music as genetic inheritance

As a child i loved everything, when i grew into adolesence through the school system i became pesimistic and sorrowful. I hated music, mostly because my mind was so unrefined i could not recognize the potential beauty. After high school as i became more and more awakened to the true quality of music, i immediatly began to play instruments. As time passed and music has become a natural language for me, my family started to conduct regular jam sessions. Now as Padma is growing i am amazed and humbled to see her catch rythyms with the shaker, hit the drum in time (sometimes :) and play xylophone i realize she not only is following my example, but like my father before me she can feel it, almost as if it flows through her veins. So far her favourite song is the maha mantra (Hari Krishna Hari Krishna Krishna Krishna Hari Hari Hari Rama Hari Rama Rama Rama Hari Hari) that Shihoko and i adapted into a jazz standard. I am humbled by my daughter, whom i know will surpass me in all things eventually, she is my best Sensei!



Learning the chords!