3days Spring detox yoga retreat at Omuta-height

  Spring is the beginning of all growth in Chinese medicine. Everything in the natural world starts from spring and shines as lively as if life was born.

A Chinese character “陳" from the word ”Hacchin (発陳)" means "old" and “Hacchin (発陳)" means bringing out what has been accumulated during the winter outside of the body. Following the flow of nature, getting up early, taking a walk, are the best way to spend this season.

It is the same idea in Ayurveda in India, and it can be said that spring is the optimum season for doing detox in a year.

For people who has difficulty to attend the courses in foreign countries or Teacher training courses due to individual reasons, this is 3 days intensive course where participant can experience Yogic life and improving ones consciousness as well as ones constitution while experiencing purification at the spring detox.



For a faculty, welcoming the singing bowl player Mayu, who is traveling all over the world, teaching with Waylon together.

On the first day, we will start with Healing Lotus workshop based on Yin Yoga. It intensively stimulates organs and meridians which were frozen in winter, preparing for Waylons energetic Yang class starting from the next day.

From early morning, we practice meditation, Kriya yoga (Secret Himalayan breathing method of strong purification) ,Asana class, for about 3.5 hours. When expressed in Ayurveda, the heat returns to the body by starting to move, and the heat of the sun in spring also begins to melt the impurities that had solidified in the body.

In the evening, we will enjoy the world of Mayu's deep singing bowl healing and meditation. It will emphasize the process of recovery from fatigue during detoxification.


Ever morning we will eat fruitarian porridge which makes our body cool down from our 4hours long morning sadhana. It’s taste like vegan Yoghurt, has a lot of enzyme! Yummy!!


We will do a lot of Kirtan ( Nada Yoga and Bhakti Yoga) before our meals. We sing sacred songs and chanting as part of our meditation. We pray and appreciate the meal, the offerings of the plants, the people who cultivated/produced it, the ones who delivered us and the earth who provides it.


We will eat pure sattvic vegan meals everyday!

We have eaten too much foods from the Christmas to the Chinese New Year!

We completely make a routine and learn healthy habits during the retreat, we will eat yogic style light meals everyday.

We have a great chef from Omuta Heights, he will cook Japanese traditional vegan Shoujin Ryori(Japanese monks food) also we can enjoy delicious foods from famous local vegan chef. 


Depending on the Springweather, we have plan to visit a secret cave where Musashi Miyamoto who was a most famous ronin became a monk dedicated to meditation and wrote “ Five rings”. Location of the place is very close to our future yoga retreat center!

After Let’s go to the Hot spring place we call “Onsen” where can see the beautiful ocean view.


If the weather is not perfect, we will have a nice and clean traditional Japanese Tatami room (1room for 2person share) . Omuta Heights has natural hot spring Bath. Please take anytime if you want to heal after practice or your own life.

Our retreat center located by a small mountain call Amagi Mountain. It is really peace and quiet place. You can enjoy to take a walk in the fresh clean air, reading book, watching beautiful sunset and sunrise! 


retreat schedule

1st March 

15:30 Geathering

16:00~17:30 Healing Lotus YINYOGA (Shihoko)

18:00 Kirtan

18:30 Dinner

20:00 Satsanga and Meditation 

20:30 Bed Time

2nd March

4:30~8:00 Morning Sadhana - Meditation, Kriya and Asana (Waylon) 

8:30 Breakfast

10:00 Yoga philosophy 

12:00 Lunch

13:00~17;30 short trip to Kumamoto

18:00 Dinner

19:30 Singingbowl Healing and meditation (Mayu)

20:30 Bed Time

3rd May

4:30~8:00 Morning Sadhana

8:30 Breakfast

10:00 hotel check out

10:00〜11:00 Satsanga and sharing 

Date: 1-3rd March 2019

at Omuta Heights retreat center

(1hour30min from Fukuoka Airport)

Price:  52.000JPY / Early bird 45.000JPY ( until 4th Feb)

※ Zuddha TTC students 40.000JPY / Zuddha Yoga Yoga Retreat Ruturn Guest  48.000JPY


 ◉ Including...

・Accomodation (2 people share or for the big room it can be 3 people. please inqury

  who would like to have private room.)

・Breakfast Lunch and Dinner 

・Natural Hot spring bath in Omuta Heights

・Zuddha yoga 4hours WS by Waylon x 2

・ Kirtan, Satsangha, Meditation 3days

・Tibetan Singing bowls Vibration Bath And Meditation, Dharma wheel by Mayu x 1-2

・Healing Lotus(Yin yoga) by Shihoko x 1

◉ Excluding...

・Transportation fee to the retreat center 

・About short trip; Outside Onsen(hot spring in Kumamoto) entrance fee and Entrance fee of cave

What to bring

・Comfortable clothe that you can move comfortably.(please bring something warm to cover yourself in case of cold in the mountain)

・Yoga mat

・Passport / ID

・VISA if you need

・Comfortable shoose for walking

Contact :

Japanese 日本語 studiolotus.shanghai@gmail.com (shihoko)

English 英語  m.cocoon.m@icloud.com (Mayu)




was born in the forest mountains of British Columbia Canada. When he first discovered Yoga his mind and body were healed and his life changed. Following the lineage of his Guru and many Great teachers he is dedicated to the practice, lifestyle and principles of Yoga. He now teaches internationally travelling with his partner and great Yoga teacher Shihoko Otsubo and their new Yogini daughter: Padma. He is the founder of Zuddha Lotus Yoga School and He holds many teachers training(RYT) and retreats all over the world.





Mayu is a certified Tibetan singing bowl therapist, Yoga teacher, and Pianist. She is also a writer about Spirituality and Veganism for several magazines and is the official visiting practitioner for the Eco resort and Six Senses spa & resort, also a translator.

After being told that her ability to walk (due to a genetic spinal fusion) may deteriorate, Mayu became dedicated to finding a path of healing through spirituality.

By witnessing a rapid recovery from her chronic pains and problems through her practices, she has come to understand that everyone has the intrinsic power and ability to heal, once one gains awareness of mindfulness living and diligence.

Mayu has traveled around the world, sharing her knowledge of meditation, yoga, vibration bath, and mindfulness living, as well as studying under the great teachers in yoga and Tibetan Buddhism. She studied Zuddha yoga under Waylon Belding and now she works with him as an assistant.





Born in the small town of Omuta Japan, She began her childhood dedicated to Kami-sama through care and cleaning of her altar. She soon became enthralled with the graceful world of Ballet and Dance. Once she met Yoga her life was transformed into her true path as a healer. Since then she has taravelled the world studying with many teachers in many healing modalities and dedicating herself to purification through a Yogic lifestyle. Currently with her husband and new daughter she travels the word sharing the pathoif yoga through, practice, fine vegan food and dedicated service.