Insight on Zuddha Yoga 24hrs Intensive Course

Insight on Zuddha Yoga

24 hour advanced intensive Course


Date:April 18,  19,20,21th (24hours)

Time : 10:00~16:00

Price:64.000JPY(Include ZuddhaYoga certificate)

Place: Iizuka, Fukuoka


What is Zuddha Yoga?


Zuddha Yoga is a microcosm of a proper Sadhana. We start with meditation: the root of all Yoga practice, and a perfect way to wind down the stresses and thoughts of the outside world and to connect within. We then move into breathing practices to purify the system and clear the channels in preparation for a challenging array of asanas. The asana's practiced in Buddha Yoga are always done with specific sequencing in mind in the context of the Main Pose and in a way that covers all the major  lines of Anatomy. Eventually we move into relaxation and Yoga Nidra, a guided relaxation that brings deep awareness of the psychic body.

The Zuddha Yoga School is certified by the world recognized Yoga alliance. Having taught all over the world the Zuddha Family is called Waylon's classes are exciting while staying true to Yoga's traditional roots of meditation and devotion to the All-Attractive. Everyday is different and each Zuddha Yoga practice draws upon the millions of poses, practices and variations which make up the complete science known as Yoga. Whether your a Yoga instructor or beginner Waylon's classes are a challenging fun experience!

Zuddha means at its simplest definition, clear or lucid. And Yoga is Union. So Zuddha Yoga means clear union. In essence our practice is a clear unpolluted approach to the Yoga tradition. What to mean by unpolluted? Means without the mystical, and mysterious teachings that lead to nowhere, means without frills and gimmicks of the modern Yoga, means the techniques brought in a clear manner and also through a traditional lineage in the context of universal benefit regardless of anything. (i.e: Caste, colour, creed, religion, politics, sexuality, age, wealth, status either social or physical).


The principles of Zuddha


Yoga are the same as any traditional practice. Our self-practice must be


①upheld to stabilize ones energy in the realms of physicality and mentality

②as well as to channel one's creativity and as present the life as continuous offering to the highest potential.

③The community one relies on must be respected,

④consulted and served so as to secure one's inspiration and

⑤support and to create a channel of love that can be cultivated to the greater global community.


Service to said communities is most vital, done in a selfless manner, not concerned with ones own benefit, but also excelling in one's work, to do the very best one can and to always refine to the point of perfection. And finally the clear vision one finds when all aspects are balanced, when the time for the seed of knowledge to ripen we are given a vision of the true potential. The vision of the teaching's, teacher and self as one, the vision that carries directly into your heart allowing unflinching devotion to cascade throughout all avenues and aspects of life. The Pillars of Yoga are the fundamental principles which hold up Dharma in our life.


Varition of Zuddha Class


Life is always challenging, and when we decide to consciously do our best we are always left unequipped to properly navigate the waves of nature and the mind, so

Yoga as a science is imperative to navigate the ocean of Life successfully.


We will learn....


This course design for Advance level But we always give you 5opptions, so even you are a beginer who want to know about yoga deep, you can join our course!  We have 3teachers. Waylon will teach Yang practice, Shihoko will teach Yin Practice and Mayu will give you a beautiful singing ball healing class for you.


Waylon's class


● Zuddha Yoga class

●   Meditation

● Kriya Yoga (Himarayan hidden technic of Breathing)

● Basic Pranayama

● Partner Yoga

● Kirtan&Mantra(chanting)

● philosophy of Yoga


Shihoko's class

● Healing Lotus( Yinyoga class everyday)

● Massage class


Mayu will give you

● Translate for Japanese people

● Singing ball healing workshop



was born in the forest mountains of British Columbia Canada. When he first discovered Yoga his mind and body were healed and his life changed. Following the lineage of his Guru and many Great teachers he is dedicated to the practice, lifestyle and principles of Yoga. He now teaches internationally travelling with his partner and great Yoga teacher Shihoko Otsubo and their new Yogini daughter: Padma.




Born in the small town of Omuta Japan, She began her childhood dedicated to Kami-sama through care and cleaning of her altar. She soon became enthralled with the graceful world of Ballet and Dance. Once she met Yoga her life was transformed into her true path as a healer. Since then she has taravelled the world studying with many teachers in many healing modalities and dedicating herself to purification through a Yogic lifestyle. Currently with her husband and new daughter she travels the word sharing the pathoif yoga through, practice, fine vegan food and dedicated service.



Mayu is qualified Tibetan singing bowl healer, Yoga teacher. Also Musician and Spiritual and Veganism writer for magazines.

She dedicated her whole life for Classical piano in her early life.

Having been told that the ability to walk,due to genetic spinal fusion may deteriorate, she become driven and kept dedicating herself toward the path of God, divine energy and Yoga.

As she has recovered from her chronic pains and problems not long after she has started to dedicate herself practicing, she believes and knows that everybody has intrinsic power and ability to heal oneself once one gains awareness of mindfulness living and faith.


She has learnt under many inspirational teachers in the world and continues to explore her depth as a yoga teacher/ Sound healer, practitioner and student.

She is filled with gratitude especially for the teachers, Umesh Shahi of Kundalini Sound Healing Centre in Nepal who has taught her the connection with divine, use and value of vibration and sound, Waylon Belding who has introduced her yogic life.


Spreading the importance of movement, vibration, sound and mindfulness for body and mind, she is overflowing with passion to share what she has discovered.


She aims her class to be filled with love. She believes if students can leave classes with full of love and gratitude, they will spread that to others outside, and world will be more peace and in harmony.