Zuddha Yoga in Germany🇩🇪

 Zuddha Yoga WS in Germany🇩🇪

 16.-17. OCTOBER 2015

At SAMSARA, Jakobstr. 7, Nürnberg



Friday, 16. October 2015, 18.30-20.30, 

for students with experience or Yoga Teachers


Saturday, 17. October 2015, 10-13.00, 


Saturday, 17. October 2015, 15-17.00, 

An expression of the infinite knot of interconnectedness of all beings. An advanced yoga practice opening all manner of psychic channels through deep long asana of all kinds. includes pranayama, kriya's and meditation.

Waylon was born in The mountain forests of British Columbia Canada. He moved to Vancouver where he later discovered Yoga studying in a Vedic Temple. He was introduced to his Guru: an old Indian Sage where he was initiated into an ancient tradition of Raja Yoga. Later studying with a diverse array of international Yoga teacher's, he soon developed through his daily practice Zuddha Yoga.

Zuddha Yoga is a microcosm of a proper Sadhana. We start with meditation, move into breathing practices and a challenging array of asanas. The Zuddha Yoga is a 500 hour Yoga alliance certified school which has certified teacher's all over the world. Waylon's classes are exciting while staying true to Yoga's traditional roots of meditation and devotion to the All-Attractive. Every day is different and each Zuddha Yoga practice draws upon the millions of poses, practices and variations which make up the complete science known as Yoga. Whether your a Yoga instructor or beginner Waylon's classes are a challenging fun experience!

Shihoko was born in the kawaii town of Omuta Japan, She began her childhood dedicated to Kami Sama through care and cleaning of her altar. She soon became enthralled with the graceful world of Ballet and Dance. Once she met Yoga her life was transformed into her true path as a healer. Since then she has travelled the world studying with many teachers in many healing modalities and dedicating herself to purification through a Yogic lifestyle.

For registration info@living-and-art.de or 0911-24791220 at Samsara