Some of the things we love to share:



All Levels

1-2 hours

Shihoko's World Famous Yin Yoga is restorative and healing. Going deeper into the subtle body, developing patience and releasing deep tension. Students immediately feel the relaxation, and after Shavasana; their minds and bodies become bright and peaceful.

Morning Sadhana

All Levels

1.5-3 hours

Better then your morning coffee! The perfect way to start any day: Meditation, Chanting, Pranayama and Asana. Always different as any day is and full of options for all levels and always good as life is.


Zuddha Shiva Shakti

All levels

1.5-3 hours

A perfect balance of Strong deep Tapas and restorative and relaxing practices. Waylon starts with meditation, pranayama  and strong asana practices. Shihoko then takes over as we move deeper within ourselves and into relaxation.


Zuddha Mandala Vinyasa

All Levels

1.5-2.5 hours

Graceful dynamic flow of poses many variations with strong balance and meditative grace. Very suitable for the modern studio environment,  open to all levels.


Morning Kriya's

All Levels

1 hour

An ancient Himalayan Kriya Yoga sequence centred around purification and the cultivation of vitality. A great variety of classical mudra's and Pranayama's which upon regular daily awakens the subtle system and purifies the psychic channels.


Zuddha Yin-Yang

All Levels

2-4 hours

Starting with meditation and moving into breathing techniques and Kriya's followed by slow meditative poses to awaken vital energy transitioning into a heated yang flow to open the psychic channels. Concluding with a long deep relaxation.

Zuddha Bija

Beginner Level

1.5-2 hours

A beginner level practice covering the foundations of Yogasana and awareness


Kirtan + Satsangha

1 hour

Join Us in Chanting and singing the  mantra's and Holy names!


Zuddha Infinite

Experienced Students

2-4 hours

An expression of the infinite knot of interconnectedness of all beings. An advanced yoga practice opening all manner of psychic channels through deep long asana of all kinds. includes pranayama, kriya's and meditation.


Partner Mandala

All Levels

1.5-2 hours

Bring a Friend or loved one! We start with Group Mandala Kriyas. A varied assortment of Partner poses and practices to engage the core for safety and preparing us for AcroYoga foundations. We conclude with relaxing Partner Yin Poses.

Padma Sadhana

Intermediate- Advanced

2-4 hours

An Ideal practice to cultivate the meditation posture. Integrating a series of Pranayama entered around Surya and Chandra Bhedana, we do an extensive routine in Lotus pose (both Sides). Followed by an extensive array or arm balances and postures depending on time.


Mama + Baby Yoga

1 hour

Shihoko, Padma + You and Baby practice together! Mothers together cultivating their practice with baby, every breath avery step!