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Join Waylon and friends for the fifth annual level 1 outdoor Yoga teacher’s training course. Students will practice everyday integrating a regular daily habit of Meditation, breathing techniques, cleansing routines and the postures of Yoga. Following relaxation everyday we continue with Kirtan, and an in-depth study of Philosophy, Anatomy and Yogic Lifestyle. then covering methodology, teaching techniques, technicalities of the postures and the basics of Yoga practice. Open to all skill levels and experience. Ideal for those who wish to go deeper into their practice, De-Tox, start the path of a teacher or just know what to do every day to stay healthy!

The last week of the course will include:

A forest retreat (minimum extra expense) 

to immerse the aspirant in the wisdom of nature.



All aspirants wanting to go deeper into their practice, change their habits, integrate with nature or learn to correctly teach themselves as well as go on to teach others. This one month Intensive is perfect to cultivate one's self, discover more vitality and study the Yogic Lifestyle.

August 1-26, Vancouver 


August 1-19: Everyday in the park from 6:00am - 1:00pm (including several evening by donation outdoor practices!)

August 20-26: Full-Time retreat in the beautiful countryside farm


EARLY-BIRD RATE (BEFORE May 8th 2017): $2300 Cnd

GENERAL RATE (AFTER May 8th 2017): $2500 Cnd

Booking conditions

Pricing details:

$550 CND retreat deposit is due to officially reserve your space. Remainder of retreat fees is due on or before August 1 2017.  If you need to arrange further payment options please contact Booking is not final until payment is received.


For cancellations received after July 1st, we can no longer refund the Deposit.


Accepted payment methods:

Bank wire transfer,Cheque, or Cash if direct contact is made.

Waylon’s Yoga Teacher Training Course has not only changed my life, but it has totally changed my structure of my business. Prior to taking Waylon’s course I had never done yoga consistently before, so I didn’t realize the true benefits of adding yoga into my daily routine. The decision that I had made to challenge myself Waylon’s course has been the most positive decsion that I have ever made and the best investment so far in my life. I can honestly say that I have never felt so amazing emotionally, physically and spiritually. Waylon’s passion for yoga and his love for his family has been such an amazing experience. Even if your not planning on teaching yoga, I still highly reconmened this course because it will increase your quality of life forever.
— Kimberly Dohaniuk

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