Join Waylon and friends for the 6th outdoor Yoga teacher’s training course this time in Taichung Taiwan! Students will practice everyday integrating a regular daily habit of Meditation, breathing techniques, cleansing routines and the postures of Yoga. Following relaxation everyday we continue with Kirtan, and an in-depth study of Philosophy, Anatomy and Yogic Lifestyle. then covering methodology, teaching techniques, technicalities of the postures and the basics of Yoga practice. Open to all skill levels and experience.

There are 2 parts!

All breakfast and lunch included!

Part 1

March 23-April 3rd

Everyday looks something like:

4:30am Meditation

5:00am Kriya’s and Prayama

6:00am Asana’s

8:00am Kirtan ad Breakfast

9:00am Philosophy

10:30am Methodology

12:30 Kirtan and Lunch

Part 2

June 15-20

Final Level 1 teachings!

Retreat June 21-24th

A forest retreat (minimum extra expense) 

to immerse the aspirant in the wisdom of nature.

and complete offering!


All aspirants wanting to go deeper into their practice, change their habits, integrate with nature or learn to correctly teach themselves as well as (maybe?)go on to teach others. This one month Intensive is perfect to cultivate one's self, discover more vitality and study the Yogic Lifestyle in an urban yet outdoor environment!

Fulfills all requirements for Yoga Alliance 200 hours!

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All breakfast and lunch included!

$3500 USD Early-Bird (before January 1st)

$1900 USD Part 1 only (before January 1st)

$3800 After January 1st

$2000 USD Part 1 only (before January 1st)

Accepted payment methods:

Bank wire transfer,Cheque, or Cash if direct contact is made.

To Inquire or sign up for the Teacher's Training course please fill out this form!