Everyday we will do Meditation, we will learn and explore ancient Himalayan Kriya’s and then move into a vast array of asana's while learning the foundations of pranayama. This lays out the basics of what a proper daily practice of Yoga looks like! After our daily practice we will cover either Philosophy or Teaching methodology. During weekends we will cover all topics including Anatomy, Physiology and injury prevention while delving deeper into teaching Practicum and fun specialized afternoon workshops! In between all subjects we will learn the appropriate Yogic Mantras and before first meal(and last on weekends) we will do Kirtan! rbasic poses and how to sequence Classes, workshops and courses. 


Immersive Studio Yoga TTC in the heart of Milano

Part 1:

February 22nd-March 17th

Part 2:

May 10th- June 3rd

Our weekday schedule is friendly to those with Families with a late morning start!


Our weekday schedule is friendly to those with Families with a late morning start!

Weekday Schedule

8:00am - Meditation

8:30am - Morning Kriya

9:30am - Asana’s

11:30am - Kirtan and Breakfast

12:00-2PM - Philosophy/Methodology

Weekend schedule

6:00am - Meditation

6:30am - Morning Kriya

7:30am - Asana’s

9:30am - Kirtan and Breakfast

10:00-11:30 - Philosophy

11:30-1:00pm - Methodology

1pm - Kirtan and Lunch!

3:30pm-5:30pm - Methodology/Workshops!


308$ CND: for the price of the retreat

includes food, teachings and Shared accommodation.

250$CND: Bring your own tent

Past Zuddha Yoga TTC graduates get a 50$ discount!

4 different retreats to join:

August 4-6

August 11-13

August 18-20

August 25-27

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