Big Island of Hawaii January 27-Febuary 20 2017

An Immersive Teacher's Training Course held in the heart of the jungle in a beautiful eco-village. Everyday is meditation, breathing, practice, study, Sattvic food, Friends and deep rest.

The course takes place in an off grid eco-village in the middle of the Hawaiian jungle. Homely and spacious, our power is gifted from the sun and our water is caught from the rain. The Hawaiian jungle is one of the best for our practice because it has a simple eco-system with little to distract you. Early morning in the jungle is so serene. As the bright stars fade to the beautiful dawn we go to our practice space and enjoy the solitude and inner reflections as we go deep into our meditation in the great ambience that the jungle provides, only the sound of Coqui frogs and distant crashing of the ocean to accompany us. After practice, we sing Kirtan! Once our hearts, minds and bodies are open we study, practice and practice deeper.

We will study anatomy with our esteemed colleague and member of the Zuddha Family; world renowned physiotherapist Eric Yue and all this will be accompanied by delicious Sattvic Ayurvedic Vegan food provided by a renowned chef who utilizes the natural abundance gifted by this incredible island.

After completing all assignments, attending all classes and teachings, students will receive a Yoga Alliance 200 hour teaching certification. This TTC is a great opportunity to immerse oneself into the Yogic lifestyle all day everyday! Anyone who wants to retreat from their daily life and drop themselves into the life of a Yogi and return with the tools to teach oneself and others will love to participate! Anyone who wants to reformat their life and daily habits will find great benefits to the thought process, physical conditioning, clarity and stillness of mind, patience, dedication and discipline.

Our indoor dojo

Our indoor dojo

Authentic Vedic teachings

Authentic Vedic teachings


Big Island of Hawaii January 27 - February 20 2016

Everyday for 21 days 

Our Daily Schedule will look something like this:






9:30-Kirtan and Philosophy

11:00 Methodology

12:00 Lunch

Nourishing dietary habits.

Nourishing dietary habits.

3:00 Anatomy/methodology

4:00 Afternoon Yogasana

7:00 Dinner

Evening Program

9:00 Meditation

9:30 Sleep


  • Optional - A range of accommodation is available please inquire through the inquiry form at the bottom of the page.

  • Pick up and drop off at the airport (Particular time)

Clean Sattvic Food.

Clean Sattvic Food.

Great Karma Yogi's

Great Karma Yogi's

Regular practice engaging the fullest expression of the Physical form: Body as Temple.

Regular practice engaging the fullest expression of the Physical form: Body as Temple.

Proper Yogic etiquette.

Proper Yogic etiquette.

Regular Fire ceremonies

Regular Fire ceremonies

Our Teacher Trainings are intimate and small-scale, so that we can accommodate to every student closely. Spaces are limited, please reserve your spot early

*Part-time options are also available from a 1-week option to a 2-week option, and the remaining part of the course can be finished in another part of the world, for example Vancouver, Milan or Japan.


To Guarantee your seat a deposit of 500$ USD is required!

Total approximately US$4,248 (excluding air fare and insurance) includes:

  • Tuition fee
    Early bird rate – US$2,208 due by November 28, 2016.
    Regular rate – US$2,408 due by December 28, 2016.
  • Accommodation
    Camp – approx. US$15/night.
    Shared room – approx. US$40/night.
    Single room – approx. US$65/night.
  • 3 organic or wild vegan/raw/macrobiotic meals per day for 24 days, catered to you by a professional chef – US$,1080.
  • Use of facilities (shower, toilet, electricity, kitchen etc.) & pick up and send off at airport.

Please fill in the form below or email


For cancellations cannot refund the Deposit.


Accepted payment methods:

Bank wire transfer,Cheque or Cash if direct contact is made.

Connect as a family.

Connect as a family.

Guaranteed physical transformation.

Guaranteed physical transformation.


   サトヴィックand ヨギックライフに浸り切る!

伝統的なヨガを本格的に学べるのが Zuddha Lotus Yoga School ズッダロータスヨガスクールです。










食事は全てビーガン(動物性一切不使用)です。今回はVegan&Raw food 料理研究家のヨシハラ・アンナさんを招いて美しく美味しいジャングルのフルーツをふんだんに作ったお料理を3食用意!

解剖学にはズッダファミリーであり、世界的に著名なフィジオセラピスト、Eric Yueを先生に迎える予定です。






ビッグアイランド(ハワイ島) 2017年 1月27日〜2月20日  24日間 


Expand your horizons.

Expand your horizons.

Outdoor and Indoor practice.

Outdoor and Indoor practice.


5:00AM 瞑想

5:30AM プラナヤマ/クリヤ

6:00AM アーサナ練習

8:00AM 休憩(フルーツや水分の補給)

9:30AM キルタン・哲学(座学)

11:00AM アーサナ技法

12:00AM ランチ

3:00PM 解剖学・アーサナ技法

4:00PM 午後のアーサナ練習

7:00PM ディナー

7:30PM ディナー


9:00PM 瞑想

9:30PM 就寝








オプショナル:アユールヴェディックビーガンサトヴィックフード3食/日。地元の食料を使用し、ハワイ島の環境とヨガのコース、ヨギックライフに合った食事となっています。この食事と共にコースを進めることで練習やコースの効果を最も体感できるでしょう。 費用は下記




価格:計 US$4,248 前後


  • 学費 US$2,208(早割価格:11/28までの全額お振込)、US$2,408 (通常価格:11/28までのUS$500のデポジットお振込、12/28までの全額お振込)
  • 宿泊費 キャンプ一晩US$15前後、シェアルーム(一部屋2名)一晩US$40前後、シングルルーム 一晩US$65前後
  • 食費 (プロのヴィーガン・ローフード・マクロビ料理研究家による1日3食のオーガニックもしくは野生の食材を使ったミールプラン)US$1,080/24日間
  • 送迎・施設(シャワー・トイレ、キッチン、携帯電話の充電)利用込み


*パートタイムオプションもございます。今回は1週間、2週間だけ受講して残りは日本や世界各地(バンクーバー、ミラノ、上海など)で開催されるズッダヨガTTCにて修了するというオプションです。どうぞお気軽にご相談下さい。以下のコンタクトフォームにご記入、もしくは 「ハワイTTC」という件名で までお問い合わせ下さい。






◆エコビレッジステイ: 6名限定 1000USD /23日間 The Village in Puna

以下、ケイコさんのヴィレッジ周辺宿  Roost's Coop


 1名 40USD/日、2名で使用したい場合は更に10USD/日 追加されます。

◆2ルーム小コテージ: 150USD/週

◆Lucy's Camp :コース会場近辺、敷地内にてプライベートを保ちながら防水キャンプが3名まで可能。1名料金 20USD/日。


◆キャビン:2名まで。プライベートバスルーム、ホットシャワー付き。1名料金 60USD/日、2名で使用したい場合は更に10USD/日 追加されます。










*コース料金の残金のお支払いは、コース初日にお渡し頂くか、オーガナイザー(Waylon, Shihoko)に直接お問い合わせください。※アーリーバードの方は11月28日までに全金額をお振込みいただくことになります


*宿泊先料金予約とお支払いは、宿泊先と直接ご連絡をお取り頂くか、また質問がある場合は、オーガナイザー(Waylon, Shihoko)にお問い合わせください。お支払い方法は、直接現地清算となります。










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